Using Digital Dualism to Sell Cars » Cyborgology

This is the video we saw in class on September 8.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

What do you think? Which is “so sad”? What about research findings that suggest that people’s offline (IRL) connections are enhanced or augmented by those they map online?

Welcome to The Cyber Tribe

Welcome to “the Cyber Tribe,” where “digital natives” gather. This blog is the public face of my sections of LST100, “Seminar in Academic Inquiry” for first year students at Endicott college. My sections’ theme is “Internet, Society and Everyday Life.” We will use this blog to document our findings, values and positions about “the Read/Write Web” and our augmented lives. Speaking of “augmenting,” it will take me a few days to pretty up the blog and “flesh” out its functionality.