OpenStreetMap gets physical as Lokku invests in SplashMaps

Augmented reality is what we call it when the digital and physical worlds are seen as a continuum here is another example.


Open data is cool and all that, but is it washable? It is with SplashMaps, a rather odd British startup that just received seed funding from OpenStreetMap firm Lokku.

Lokku runs a property search engine called Nestoria and a sideline business called OpenCage Data, which aims to help others also use OpenStreetMap geodata. When I covered that in mid-2013, Lokku told me it was also setting up a seed fund to boost the ecosystem. SplashMaps is the first open data investment from that pot.

SplashMaps, which was successfully crowdfunded at the end of 2012, does what its name suggests: it makes waterproof fabric maps. The concept is very similar to the old escape and evasion maps used in World War II, except this time it’s targeting hikers, mountain bikers, kayakers and other outdoor enthusiasts who are likely to get wet while trying to find their way.

SplashMaps scarf

The maps…

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