#OWS Rapid Response

  1. The UpTake has for several years been an example of rapid-response, mobile citizen journalism. I first became aware of them during the 2008 Republican National Convention.
  2. OccupyHomesMN
    3 arrests so far at Cruz eviction, others still locked down. Get here now. Spread the word. #occupyhomes #ows #occupymn #stribpol #mnleg #oo
  3. Johann Galtung indicates that one of the conflict-resolving features of Gandhian nonviolence is its openness to negotiation.
  4. The fact that this eviction has been happening while negotiations with the bank is reprehensible.
  5. Erik Mattheis
    This live stream has been going on for hours: Sheriff kicked in door in attempt to evict a family who had been foreclosed on by Fannie May while still in negotiations with the originating bank. #OccuppyMN protesters seem to have for the moment prevented the eviction.