USA’s Social TV Campaign for “Psych” Scores With Fans


In the taxonomy of “Artifacts and Devices,” this would be known as a “mashup.” It’s using the underlying technologies of more than one social networking site through their published APIs (application programming interfaces). Do you “check in” to TV shows when you are watching? What are the implications of doing so?

USA Network launched a fun new interactive social media mystery game tie-in for its hit TV show Psych.

The game is called #HashTagKiller and it takes place on the Web using Facebook’s Open Graph API. The game launched on Wednesday and will unfold online over the next seven weeks. The game uses video created with the cast specifically for the game, as well as puzzles, clues and Facebook messages between series leads Shawn and Gus.

Users can visit to get started and sign up using Facebook. We had a chance to talk to Jesse Redniss, VP of digital about the campaign, Psych and the state of social TV.

via USA’s Social TV Campaign for “Psych” Scores With Fans.