Pilot or Governor

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  1. To make an initial contribution to the blog, learning its mechanics and surfacing any obstacles to using it.
  2. To explore issues of identity and the internet, bringing closure to a topic.
  3. To provide students an opportunity for feedback on course performance.
  4. To provide provide an experience of critical writing.
  5. To get to know each other better.
  6. To surface the course theme of “public and private.”
  7. To formulate a point of view and support a position.

Who are you on Facebook? Are you a cyberpunk, a reality pilot, or are you a governor, a controller (Leary, 2005 [1994])? Do you have self-determination, or are you a cog in the machine? In terms of our class discussion, can you be who you want to be on Facebook, or are you constrained to be who you are F2F (face-to-face)? Or, in terms of recent trends, take a stand on whether online anonymity may be decreasing (Whitelaw, 2009), what might be the implications of employers searching social media sites for prospective employees (Van Grove, 2009), whether the Pentagon may be following you, and the meaning of Facebook’s privacy changes (Ostrow, 2009). Be sure to substantiate your point of view with findings.


Leary, Timothy, 2005 [1994] “The Cyberpunk: The Individual as Reality Pilot,” pp. 77-87 in Victor J. Vitanza, ed., CyberReader: Abridged Edition (New York: Longman)

Whitelaw, Kevin, “Gotcha! Why Online Anonymity May Be Fading,” September 2, 2009 <http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=112450627&ft=1&f=1049> (retrieved September 17, 2009).

Van Grove, Jennifer “45% of Employers Now Screen Social Media Profiles” August 19, 2009 <http://mashable.com/2009/08/19/social-media-screening/> (retrieved September 17, 2009)

Ostrow, Adam “PRIVACY: Facebook Is One of America’s Most Trusted Companies” September 16, 2009 <http://mashable.com/2009/09/16/facebook-privacy-truste/> (retrieved September 17, 2009)

55 thoughts on “Pilot or Governor

  1. Public and private are both words that have been mindlessly driven into each and every one of us who owns a Facebook account. Theres many of us who keep our pages protected and private, but unfortunately there are others who have learned the hard way about protection. When it really comes down to it, is the issue really with the protection, or is the issue with the content that is posted? Being a reality pilot, I argue it is with the content. Just a short scenario, your mother friend requests you on Facebook, so what do you do? Before you accept her, you go to your page and delete every inappropriate comment on your wall, untag the obscene pictures and make sure there is nothing she would bring up in at dinner to make it an awkward situation. This thing is, it should not take your mother friend requesting you for you to go and delete those comments or untag a few photos. It is not just your mother looking in on your Facebook, it is future employers and other people who you do not want seeing your content. Just because your profile is on private does not mean that content is unseen. There are ways around it, and I am not going to pretend that they do not exist. I know that hackers are out there in the world and they can get into anything they want. So keeping your Facebook appropriate, not only private is the right thing to do to assure yourself safety on and off of the internet. Not every one online is who they say they are. I am sure we all have had friends who have a play with words as their name. It is just as easy for people to make fake Facebook accounts and pretend to be someone they are not. It is even easier for people to give into cyber-bullying via Facebook which can result in a very serious crime. Facebook opens us up to a variety of hidden notions, different people and all around new experiences and opportunities. Facebook is a tool that is used to help the sociality of the twenty first century, but when used the wrong way, it can also be used to destroy it.

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  3. Kelly O’Connell

    Facebook can be a place where you are free to be yourself, or you can be someone you are not. Some people go on Facebook to create an image of themselves that is not their own. They try to appear more attractive, more liked, have more friends (when in reality they only talk to about 40 out of 600 of them) and to “status” update so they look like they have a life. I admit I am addicted to Facebook. But I am not one of those people who attempt to be someone else. Part of my obsession is because of pure boredom when I have nothing else to do.
    I am not sure whom I would qualify on Facebook as. As a cyberpunk I do pilot my own life, but I do not try to define the reality we inhabit and I am not an inferior that hacks computers. But as a governor I do not manipulate words to control people and I do not restrain. So I feel that I would be more of a cyberpunk just because I am always on a computer and I spend around 5 hours on Facebook a day. I feel as though I would fit in with the cogs in the machine because I do not try to be the center of attention on Facebook.
    You are free to be whoever you want to be on Facebook. People tend to stretch out more on Facebook because no one is around them to judge what they are saying. This is why social network bullying is becoming more of a problem nowadays. Companies and corporations are also using Facebook now to see what their potential employees are actually like. I personally believe this is unfair, because everyone has a work personality and an at-home personality. Just because they might party on their own time, does not mean they are not good workers.
    Facebook can lead to many problems, but many people would be lost without it. If Facebook was not around in college or high school, people would not be as social and conversations would lack the following day. Facebook is a place where you can be who you want to be.

  4. Sara McCombs
    “pilot or Governor”

    On Facebook, I feel like I just fade into the background, I’m not the type to change my status every other hour, nor to upload every picture I take. I try to keep my pages online more private than public, and I often put people under the list “limited profile”. I would like to think that I am determined to stay away from the addiction of profiles online. I have yet to download a twitter, tumblr, flickr, myspace, or any other form social networking site outside of facebook.
    Personally, I think that the new version of Facebook should have stricter privacy settings. Although I have placed people under limited profile, they can still see all of my pictures. I do not my mother being able to look at all my pictures, and comment on them.
    Unfortunately, I have seen recently an increase in online anonymity. Many people are creating cyborgs online as a way for them to escape from daily life. These cyborgs tend to look nothing like the person actually creating them. Also, many people on social networking sites only post extremely flattering pictures of themselves. Since arriving at college, I have been added by many people on Facebook, and I often don’t recognize girls because they look nothing like their profile pictures online. I find this aggravating because they would rather spend time taking self-portraits of themselves to and posting them online than actually bonding with someone face-to-face.
    I think people are too open on Facebook, and often type things they wouldn’t actually say to people. I also find this frustrating. People need a filter for their online habits, I don’t care if you just took a nap and are going to do you homework. You don’t need to tell the world your habits.

    • I keep coming back to @techsoc’s argument that stable, embedded identities improve the quality of online interactions. Yet if people are taxing credulity with impression management, how can that be true of Facebook?

  5. Sarah Moir
    “Pilot or Governor”

    Facebook is the most successful social networking website I can think of. There are very few people who are not a member of Facebook and even fewer people who are not familiar with the term Facebook. Usually people who are not members of Facebook are elderly. This is because they did not grow up with the technology that many teenagers grew up with and have become familiar with. I remember listening to the news one morning and hearing a man say he thought the word Facebook should be in the dictionary. This just what a global phenomenon Facebook has quickly become. Although Facebook may seem glamorous from the outside, if you are not careful it can quickly become dangerous.
    There is a huge difference between a Facebook profile that is set as private and a profile that is public. If your profile is set as private, this means that people you are not Facebook friends with are not able to view your entire profile. You have the ability to monitor what they are able to see. If your profile is set as public, anyone can view your status updates, photos, comments, or anything thing else in your profile. It does not matter if someon is friends on Facebook with you or not, they can still see your profile. Being more of a pilot myself, I believe it is dangerous to allow people you do not know to be able to see everything you post on Facebook.
    I am not the kind of Facebook user who updates their status 10 times a day. I like my private life to stay private. I enjoy posting pictures and looking at the pictures other people post but when it comes to statuses I do not see the point in telling everyone I am doing my homework and then taking a shower. Why do people care? Facebook is a place where people can pretend to be anyone they want to be. I don’t like meeting people online cause I never feel sure they are truly who they say they are. However, I will admit I spend around five hours a day of Facebook.. I don’t enjoy Facebook but at the same time I can not seem to stay off of it for more than a few hours at a time. I think this is mainly because it is addicting.
    I am a strong believer that you need to be careful of the things you are saying on Facebook. I am very careful to never post pictures or statuses that I would not want my family or future employers to read. I have read stories of people being fired from their jobs or not hired in the first place strictly because they employer saw something on the employees Facebook they did not like. I do not want this to happen to me and I am very careful to keep my Facebook profile clean and respectable.

    • Is it fair to say you are constrained to be someone other than who you truly are on Facebook?

  6. Online networking sites, like Facebook, have been given tremendous weight in today’s society. What you post, who you connect with, and who you let view what online is inexorably intertwined in our everyday lives. In fact, so many people use Facebook “just because”; they are endlessly frustrated with the privacy settings, changes, and even the content that their friends post on the site. To me, these are all examples of users who become “cogs in the machine”: users who, despite their feelings, go through the process of checking their Facebook and updating their status periodically.

    For those of who do decide to use the social juggernaut, the next question is what do we post? Do we fear writing how we feel because of the consequences of those who might read it? I embrace the changes and features of the website. I have incorporated many of the layers of the site’s privacy settings and participate daily while always taking advantage of new changes to the site. If you don’t want someone to see what you post, then don’t be their friend. If you have no choice, limit their access to your profile. It’s YOUR Facebook account. You are not, in my opinion, required to bend to anyone’s requirements but your own. If someone doesn’t like what they’re seeing, they are not required to look at your page or be your friend. I feel that employers and colleges place too much weight on the Facebook profile. It is understandable to look down upon photos or status updates depicting illegal content such as underage drinking, but for the most part Facebook content is harmless. Facebook is a wonderful tool for connecting, chatting and sharing our lives with our friends. However, sometimes it takes the strongest pilot to simply decide not to use the website.

  7. Facebook has taken social networking to a whole new level. I can remember when I first became a member of it around five years ago when MySpace was the site to be on. Within a few months Facebook took over the Internet. You won’t find many people out there who aren’t a member of Facebook. Facebook users are as young as middle school to as old as elders. The younger crowd mainly uses it to socialize and “creep” while the other crowd uses it to play games and get back in touch with their high school/college friends.
    Why do people befriend some, while denying acceptance of others? Isn’t Facebook supposed to be a social network site that has taken computer communication to a whole new level from AIM? If a person does not accept a family member as a friend on Facebook then they should not be using the social network site or posting things that they do not want seen. If you want to keep information from certain people, Facebook is not the place to screen your posts. Schools, colleges, universities, law enforcement, and job sites have access to information provided on Facebook.
    Facebook is only as private as you make it. You can choose to share very little information or a lot of information. You can make your profile public to the world or private or only choose to share a few things. I would say that I am a reality pilot because I do not let Facebook posts, comments, or pictures influence me. I am like a “cog in the machine” because I do not stand out on Facebook like some people. I tend to blend in with the majority of others. I am not the type of person to post a status every five seconds about everything that is going on in my life. Always remember, nothing you post on Facebook or the Internet is private. Anyone can see it.

  8. I would consider myself to be a reality pilot. I may use Facebook, but it does not run my life. Sometimes I use Facebook to get in touch with other people, but I do not do that constantly. On Facebook you can be whoever you want to be. Some people feel like they can speak their mind more freely on Facebook then in real life. One of the problems with this is that other people will sometimes judge that person and call them out for not being able to say it to their face. But people do feel as if they can show their whole self on the internet rather than hide parts of it when they are with other people. As for employers using Facebook to scout out people, I do not think it is right, but at the same time people need to be careful of what they are posting. If they cannot be friends with family because they do not want them to see everything they have been doing then maybe they should not being posting things like that. Employers should not scout employees out on Facebook because their personal lives are just that and as long as it is not affecting their work then they should not be punished for that. As for anonymity, there are good and bad things about it. Some people go on sites and are too embarrassed to ask a question so they like to ask it anonymously. A problem with anonymous though is that people will sometimes say mean things to someone and not feel as bad because the person does not know that it was them to say whatever they said.

  9. Facebook is a great social network, if used correctly. I used facebook a lot when I was first meeting people that would soon be my classmates here at Endicott College. I found it a great way to meet new people and still be myself. I felt no need to hide anything. If I wanted to hide something I would just not put it on facebook. Everything on my facebook I find to be completely appropriate and completely me. The same goes for my tumblr, and twitter.

    Being a communications major, I find that social networking sites are important. They are a method of communication, and when used correctly, there is not a single thing wrong with them. When people think it is a good idea to post pictures of themselves drunk or doing something inappropriate, that is when social media sites get a bad name. Yes, you can make your facebook private, but is it ever really private? Even if you send a message to someone’s inbox, I can almost guarantee that someone could figure out how to read it. Any college, future employer, or other authoritative figure can read what you post even if you do have things on private, or even if you are not friends with them on facebook.

    If facebook is used to make new friends, play games, and connect with old friends, then it is used correctly. If you use facebook to post inappropriate pictures and content, then not only are you using it incorrectly, but you are also in the process of creating a future problem with potential colleges, employers, or other life endeavors.

    I am extremely careful when it comes to my facebook. Yes, I may swear in a status if I am upset, but that is all about me being myself online. I do not pretend to be anything I am not. But as far as protecting myself and my reputation, not a single inappropriate picture is posted and I feel that there is nothing obscene about my profile. I am confident that if a future employer looked at my profile they would not find anything obscene or inappropriate, and I am proud of that.

    There is no such thing as a “Private Internet.” When you post something, even if you set it to private, anyone who tries hard enough can still see the content. Nothing on the internet is private.

  10. Facebook is the epitome of social networking sites. It allows people to be who they want to be, experience events through other people, and so much more. When it comes to who I personally am on Facebook, I believe I border between a reality pilot and a cyberpunk. I could live without Facebook, yet I always feel the need to check it. It is part of a daily habit. I do not need to be on it for five hours straight “creeping,” yet I do have a desire to check it multiple times throughout the day.

    I also believe I am a cog in the machine when it comes to Facebook. I would never personally put myself out there to stick out amongst the crowd, it’s just not who I am. I would rather blend in, then involve myself in unnecessary drama. Therefore on Facebook, I am constrained to whom I am face-to-face. I chose to be that way. I find it a waste of time to get on peoples bad sides for entertainment purposes. I would never put myself in that type of situation.

    When it comes to employers looking to hire people, Facebook is definitely something an employer might check. In a CNN article dated September 14, 2008, Carrie-Ann Skinner stated, “([A] job-search website surveyed employers and found that 20 percent of companies admitted to checking out candidate’s profiles on social-networking sites such as Facebook.” I can only imagine the number has increased since then. If someone has inappropriate pictures on Facebook, clearly they are less likely to get the job. With this being said, you always have to watch what you post on Facebook, because whether it is private or not, there is always a way to find that information.

  11. The most successful social networking website I can think of would be Facebook. There are not many people that do not use Facebook, almost everyone these days have an account. With that being said I believe I just fade into the background of Facebook. I do get easily distracted if I type it into the URL box but I am not the type of person who is constantly updating status’ or writing on others walls. The great thing about Facebook is you can keep in touch with friends that are hours away and view there profiles to see what they have been up to.

    I feel that I can be myself on Facebook, I do not have to put on a front or fake personality to try to increase my amount of friends. I tend to just be myself and not hide anything. If there were something I would think about hiding I would just simply not post it at all. I believe I am between a reality pilot and a cyberpunk. This is because Facebook is not a necessity to me however when I am bored I like to see if anything is going on so there is an urgency to check my friends profiles for example. On Facebook I truly believe I am the same face to face (F2F).

    Employers searching social media sights is not a horrible idea. I believe that if there is something inappropriate on a persons page then they should have the knowledge to remove it. With how advanced technology is today, everyone just has to be extremely cautious as to what they post on the internet. Just before posting pretend that your parents were looking at your profile, would they be disappointed at what they may see? Recently, Facebook has had many updates especially with security and privacy. To me the privacy settings are a good addition to Facebook, a member can now choose who they want to see certain things which is a good thing to me. Overall, Facebook is a place where you can be who you want to be but I choose to be who I truly am.

  12. Facebook is an alternate cyber-world where one can either be themselves or anyone they want to be. When it comes to the internet, how can we tell the truths from the lies? There are people out there that make fake profiles and try and pretend to be other people to get inside information on others. In many ways, Facebook is unsafe. Everyone automatically assumes that they know the people that friend-request them just because of certain networks they’re in, but, do we all actually know 1,000 plus people? Some people have more friends than that, others have less. If you ask a person who has around 300 friends if they talked to every single one of them, chances are their answer would be “No”. I personally came across a girl on my list of friends who added me under the name of my best friend. However, I did not realize it was somebody trying to mess with her and her friends by pretending to be her when I accepted the request.

    I am myself on Facebook; I have no reason not to be. Since Facebook is becoming so over-populated, its changes are much more frequent. Corporations who are looking to hire someone for a job will take the person’s name and type it into Facebook or Google. The first websites that come up on Google are for Facebook profiles or images taken from Facebook. If something inappropriate comes up then you’re in trouble basically. This is why people should be more aware of the things they are posting to Facebook and the people they are adding or things other people may be adding of them. Facebook can be a scary world but when it all comes down to it, we’re all addicted in some way, shape, or form to stay connected with each other and other than texting; Facebook is how we can all do that.

  13. Facebook has become one of the biggest social media sites that the world has ever seen. It has brought the online world to a whole new stage. Today, Facebook has an extremely large impact on people’s everyday lives. I believe myself to be a cross between a reality pilot and a cyberpunk. I use Facebook to stay in contact with people and talk to my friends but it does not run my life. I could go for hours without checking my Facebook but it is still part of my daily routine. I also believe that I am a cog in the machine with Facebook. I do not post endless things and update my status every hour, but just try to avoid the useless arguments and keep to myself. With that being said, I am exactly who I am in real life on Facebook. I do not see a reason to act differently online. Everyone can be who they are in real life; some people just choose not to be because perhaps they don’t like who that person is. In terms of the recent trends I do believe that online anonymity is decreasing. You are able to set your profile to private but how are you suppose to know that it really private or if people aren’t finding ways around the setting. I think that it is dangerous and harmful for people to keep their profiles public. You should not allow people you do not know to look at your personal things. For employers searching for their potential employees this website can be very important. If they see things they don’t like they will automatically know not to hire you, which is why it is best to keep your personal life private from the online world. Facebook has done an excellent job at updating their site with the best possible security features. However, no matter how many blocks you put on your profile with todays technology there is no way to be sure that someone else can’t view it. It is just important to remember that if you do not want people to see something, don’t put it on the internet.

  14. Facebook is the new addictive drug that has hit most of the universe. This drug has many side effects: procrastination, carpal tunnel, failing grades, and skipped classes. Many people today have what we call a Facebook addiction. They are always “creeping” on others Facebook pages, liking posts, writing on others walls, commenting on pictures, and updating ones status every possible second. Facebook can be a place where you are free to be yourself, or you are free to be someone else. Some people use Facebook to create an image of them selves online. They take pictures of them selves and edit them to make it look better. Before school I had received several friend requests on Facebook from people attending Endicott College. Before school, I spent several hours a day looking through people’s profiles, seeing how they portray themselves online. After meeting some of these people face- to- face, I saw that their online personality and face-to-face personality was totally different. Some things people say on Facebook would never be said face to face. Facebook was originally created to stay in touch with friends and family. Now it is utilized so that we can be impersonal with our peers. Even though Facebook is the most used and loved social networking site, it still can cause many problems. These problems only happen when people misuse Facebook. Other than that Facebook allows people to express who they are. Personally I am careful about posting certain things on Facebook. I have a private profile, and I would not post anything I would not want my family or future employer to see. I am neither a cyberpunk nor a reality pilot. I am not one of those people who are addicted to Facebook. When I am bored I will check it, but it is not something that I could not live without.

  15. Facebook may just be the best social networking site of the twenty-first century; however it may not always be used for this purpose. In our technologically advanced world people are astonished by anyone that does not have a Facebook. People have the ability to create fake people to stir up drama or just because they’re bored on a Friday night. They can also change their identity all together and became a totally different person on Facebook then they are in real life.

    If you’re using Facebook as a means of communicating with friends, or to contact old friends then it is being used, as it should. Although people have the capability to put whatever they want on Facebook and cyberspace in general, it does not mean that they should. There are privacy settings on Facebook however there are always ways past this.

    Future employers will look at your profile before they hire you to see what kind of a person you are and how you will broadcast their company. If they find something that is not appropriate in a picture or even on your wall in general it will probably cost you your job. Privacy settings are great way to be safe on the Internet but if you need them to block content then it should not be there to begin with. Ultimately you can block family members from viewing certain content but other “friends” on Facebook can see that content and very quickly it could go viral. Personally on Facebook I choose to be myself.

  16. I would consider myself a “reality pilot” on Facebook. I believe this because I don’t use my Facebook as a tool for attracting people to “friend me”. I use Facebook as a means of staying connected with friends, family, and new people that I meet in person or through other people. This doesn’t mean I’m required to make my profile according to how I am in reality; I personally chose to make it the way I did because I don’t want a different personality online than in person.

    It is absolutely possible to be whom ever you want to be on the Internet, a type of alter ego. However, that is not that person’s real self. Your wizard avatar in The World of War Craft doesn’t make you and actual wizard in “real life”. When it comes to Facebook, people can make any personality of themselves to display to the rest of Facebook. Unfortunately, the “friends” they make online may not be the same “friends” their making in person or face to face.

    The uses of Facebook have grown bigger than it’s creator himself (Mark Zuckerberg) could have imagined. The amount of people that use Facebook is incredible. I think it is extremely viable to refer to Facebook users as a “cog” in a machine. Every so often, Zuckerberg releases updated formats of Facebook that usually has most of it’s users upset and in disagreement with the newest model. However, hardly any, if none at all leave Facebook. I honestly cannot understand the addiction of it. Yeah, I’ve used it to procrastinate; but to go online instead of going to a party or out on the weekends, not once.

    What would it take me to leave Facebook? I’m not really too sure if it would be one sole reason for me to stop logging on to Facebook. Maybe if I had to pay for it. I’m still curious to whether or not Facebook is something people grow-out-of; similar to video games or some music. With some many older people on Facebook, does it make sense to say that we distance ourselves from it as we get older? Maybe, maybe not; I do believe that we are far from the end of Facebook’s control over social networking. It’s consistent updates and worldwide usage is too massive to compete with.

    • Is it possible that Facebook is now so big that it embraces different uses by different kinds of people?

  17. On Facebook I like to keep in touch with my friends that I have not seen in a while or that are away at college also. I like to see what they have been up to without seeing them. I do find myself on Facebook a lot but usually it’s just another tab open on my computer. I feel that I am the same F2F as I am on Facebook. I do not change my ways if I am on the internet because I talk to the same people in person as on the site. Because Facebook is so popular now, even employers are on the site and searching there employees or soon to be employees. This could be a good or bad thing for some people. It is definitely another way for employers to get to know the other person, but also a way for them to find things out the employee did not ever think they would know. Many people have gotten fired because of what they have on their profile, like pictures or comments. People on Facebook think that most of their stuff is private when in reality, some way somebody could find what they are trying to hide. Facebook has gotten popular over the years. There is more than 800 million active users from all around the world and over 900 million pages, groups, events, etc. that users can be involved in. That is a lot of interacting without seeing the person’s face. It is weird to think that most of the socializing we do is over the internet. I would like to try talking to people F2F more often because I feel that you can get to know them better than what is on their profile on Facebook.

  18. A persons identity on Facebook or in cyber space can vary greatly to their identity in real life. This is all depends on the person and their intentions on the internet. A person can basically be anyone they want to be on the site. For example, in high school my friends would only put pictures on Facebook where they looked their best. They would want to portray their best selves to the public. Whether they would be taking pictures looking like they were having a great time, or taking pictures in their best outfits, it was documented for Facebook. If a picture was posted on Facebook without the consent of the girl that was in the picture, it would cause a great controversy. There would always be a fight if one girl in the group put up a picture of another girl who did not look “good” in said picture. Picking out a new profile picture was always a long process. A profile picture would be the best looking picture a person has taken recently. It would be important to have a good profile picture because when someone searches you on Facebook, it is the first thing seen. This is trying to create and image of almost perfection on Facebook, even if that is not the case. I know of some girls that their Facebook pictures looked sufficiently different than their actual appearance. This just show the importance that some people place on their appearance on Facebook. Personally I do not understand the importance of looking pretty on Facebook. I do not understand why someone would place such a great importance to creating an image that was not real. I personally would like to display an accurate depiction of myself on Facebook.

    • Doesn’t identity go deeper than appearance? What about all of the text and links people post to Facebook?

  19. As Facebook grows more and more popular, people begin putting more of their lives on the internet. Yes, Facebook allows for “limited profile” or making your whole page “protected” but the content is still online. Commenting on pictures or statuses instantly goes out onto the internet. Many people use the internet or more specifically social networking sites like Facebook to reinvent themselves or to create a new persona. This allows people to hide behind a computer screen and act completely different than they do in real life. Many people become obsessed with the internet and lose sight of real life relationships and face to face interaction.

    Although Facebook tries to allow users to become shut off from the internet as a whole, the ability to be anonymous is slowly slipping from our grasp as users. Anonymity is slowly fading, resulting in repercussions for people who relied on staying anonymous online. Anything posted can now be used against you and people are going to have to learn to be more careful with what is said and how it is said.

    Personally on Facebook, I am between a cyberpunk and a reality pilot. I do not rely on Facebook for everyday life, however, when bored I do sign in and check what other people are up to. Many people spend their entire lives on Facebook, constantly checking people’s posts and status and looking through their pictures. Facebook is a great way to be social, to an extent. Facebook proves helpful in meeting people, such as at college, but it does not replace meeting someone face to face and reforming a relationship “in real life.”

  20. On Facebook I am a reality pilot. I only use Facebook to connect with friends and stay in touch. I check it daily, however, I am not in any way constantly “updating” my status or pictures. I am not obsessed with how my profile picture looks or who is “tagging” me in what. For me personally, I can be who I am over Facebook. I can be the same person online as I am offline. I do not change simply because someone can’t see my face or read my emotions. I believe that social networking and specifically Facebook is becoming an increasing problem for many teenagers. Because of anonymity, I feel that kids feel as if it is okay to bully others. I feel as if it is causing harm to the youth of America. By enabling kids to have access to anyone and everyone and have no consequences, we as a society are making it okay to bully. I only use Facebook as a tool for connecting and re-connecting to people. Possible implications prospective employers might find when searching through potential employees Facebook profiles may be pictures with underage drinking in them, profanity, pictures with drug use in them, and one’s point of view of life in general. Facebook’s privacy changes have been put in place to “supposedly” protect the privacy rights of its users. However, it has become clear over the past months that the privacy of its users is in no way as protected as Facebook has claimed. There are still big bridges to be crossed in regards to Facebook privacy. Which is why users should keep their information limited. Overall, I view Facebook as a good thing and a successful (if used properly) tool for our society.

  21. Facebook is used in different ways when it comes to different people. Some use Facebook to express their true feelings, and others use it to portray to an individuals self-image. On Facebook, I act like I would in person but I definitely make it a point to show people my best. When I say, I want to make a point to show my best I mean when I get tagged in photos, I usually go through all of them and see if there are any I do not like. When there is one I do not like, I “un-tag” myself because I do not want people to think I am ugly or look like I do they way I look in the photograph. Also when it comes to the profile pictures, I usually pick the best recent picture of me. Everyone can be who he or she wants to be on Facebook but at the same time, you have to be yourself at the same time. Like for me everything on my Facebook is me but it is just the best parts of me. I feel like I am not the only one who does this. I know that a lot of my friends who do the same thing as me. They are themselves as they would be in person but they show the best to people who do not know them. Facebook is a way for individuals to show the way they want to be seen by other people.

  22. Facebook is just a way to creep on people. I know, at least for me, I’m friends with people I’ve never even met in person. So pointless, I see your annoying status pop up and log out. I don’t really know why I even have a facebook, it’s just a way for me to let people know what i’m all about, I guess. It’s a way to let people into my life without them knowing anything about me. The more I think about it, the more it freaks me out. Some random guy could be looking at my page and finding out where I live, and I’ll never know. I feel like Facebook is a mask, you have to guard everything you say because if the wrong person sees it, you’re screwed. I’m friends with my mom on facebook and I can’t do anything about it. If i post a picture of Saturday night, she’ll freak out, but I can’t delete her because she’ll..freak out. It’s a double-edged sword. I personally hate facebook because it’s addicting and for some reason I still haven’t deleted mine. I have deactivated mine on multiple occasions to get away from people I went to school with. Not a big fan of Roselle Park High School, so I tried my hardest to stay away from those people. I went from having 700+ friends, to now only having about 200. Deleting people was fun for me, because now that I’m up here in Massachusetts, I don’t even have to look at the people from my high school.

    • While clearly heartfelt, this reply is full of issues with capitalization and punctuation. For all your care with Facebook, this reply will appear on the internet. Is this how you wish to be remembered?

  23. Cassie Hargraves
    LST T, TH

    I think I’m a reality pilot simply because I act like myself on the internet. On my facebook I limit access to people who I don’t know or who aren’t on my friends list, and I don’t post where I am every second. I’m not the one who changes statuses every hour or every day. Being a reality pilot I don’t say or do anything that I wouldn’t do in person or want people to see.
    Although facebook is one of the most trusted and private sites people post inappropriate statuses and pictures of parties that they have gone to, but they don’t realize or care that it could be there forever. Posting inappropriate things could affect your future, like where you go to college or where you may or may not be working. It’s sad that companies go and view your profile and judge you before you even get a call.
    Social networking has also caused issues like cyber bulling and hacking which should give you more of a reason to give out less information about yourself. Some people think bashing people or companies on the internet are okay, when it really isn’t. Before you post something on the internet you should ask yourself, is this me? How would this person feel? And what would others think of me? I tend to hide or defriend the people who always complain or start drama on the internet. I’m not saying I don’t complain, or its not okay, just the people who do it every day of every hour, gets annoying and they clearly aren’t trying to solve the issue.
    I think everyone should know where to draw the line on what they post to help themselves in the long run. Courts now have to decide if its privacy issues or its freedom of speech

  24. In the modern technological era, communication and networking had completely evolved from a face to face talk or a phone call, to blogs, emails, and wall posts. The site that has revolutionized the networking world is Facebook. This site has changed the way that people express themselves, and share personal material with people. It also has given people an outlet to post say things that they would not necessarily say face to face with somebody. This could be beneficial at times, but it can also take away from personal skills that are much needed in the professional world. As Facebook continues to grow and adapt, it becomes closer and closer to monopolizing the social networking world. Many other sites similar to Facebook have tried to match its prosperity, but have fallen short. Why has Facebook established itself as superior to every other site? The reasons are endless, including the integration of communication, photo sharing, company or product advertising, and game playing capabilities. I consider myself one of the millions of people wooed by the wonders of Facebook. It is on the verge of being addicting, and I feel like I am out of touch with society if I do not log in for too long. Although I love being attached to the Facebook world, I make sure that there is nothing posted or tagged on my Facebook that could get me in trouble or that would case an issue with somebody else. In my mind, Facebook is a fun sight to connect with friends and share photos, but should never be used to display inappropriate material. The effect that this site has had on society is unrivaled by anything that I can remember, and if used the right way, is a very useful and entertaining tool.

  25. Other than the rare exceptions of connecting with long lost friends, facebook doesn’t do much for the world of young adults except cause drama. This drama comes in many forms.
    Facebook creates tons of reasons to procrastinate in life. Whether it be stalling to do homework or the difference of a half hour of sleep, it is simply a distraction. I know for me, my usual routine is getting on facebook in the evening when I open my computer to begin my homework. That wastes, at a minimum, fifteen minutes that could have been spent elsewhere.
    How about the weekly call you get from a friend saying, “ Did you see those pictures of Tom and Sarah? What is he doing with his arm around her? “ Pictures on facebook have caused countless arguments between boyfriends and girlfriends and even friend to friend. Yet another instance of unnecessary drama occurs during status updates or wall posts. Mockery, TMI (too much info), and slimy remarks are all very common. Furthermore, a majority of these comments are things you wouldn’t dare say face to face. Is that okay?
    Past generations have been successful without facebook, so why can’t we? It has become an addiction, that I will admit being a part of. As a whole, I believe this generation needs to be less in the background and become more lively/outgoing and actually LIVE LIFE instead of following it on the internet. We have many other sources to get valuable information from. (Most information coming from facebook would not be considered valuable.)
    Facebook isn’t even a “real” word on Microsoft Word, so why are we letting it take up so much of our precious time?

  26. What is identity? Is it something we decide ourselves, or something defined by others around us? Some would say it is impossible to live without being shaped by society and our peers, while others refuse to let the opinions of others affect them at all. Facebook is a site where many people choose to define themselves, specifically teenagers. Teens tend to put themselves out there in entirely on Facebook, whether it be their real self of how they want their friends to perceive them.
    I find myself on Facebook taking a backseat as to what is going on. Usually I will go on Facebook to see what my close friends are doing. I have also gone to the extent to delete “friends” because of the constant information that they would keep “blowing up” my news feed. I rarely find myself updating my status more than one time a day; maybe two times is something important is happening within my life. I try and use Facebook as it is intended for to meet new people, connect with old friends and for its initial use, college.
    I will admit that I use Facebook a lot more than I did in high school because I found myself with a lot more time in college, and like I mentioned it is a way to meet people in college (College Class Page). Lastly one reason I am not always connected to Facebook is because I have seen people have act much differently on Facebook than they would in “real life”, for example starting fights of Facebook or making inappropriate comments. I will stay with using Facebook for it sole purpose and that is to communicate with friends in a friendly manner. I act the same way as I would in person using Facebook (F2F).

    • George Herbert Mead (1863-1931) has argued that we have a “social self“, so this is a keen insight. But this neither precludes individuality nor makes it a matter of opinion. It would have been great to see this theme developed more.

  27. Kaitlyn Burdick
    Prof. Hudak
    LST 100-23, 18
    “Pilot or Governor”
    A persons’ Identity can be established through many ways. In the world of government we are identified as a number. In our world we are identified by how we were raised, the environment we were raised in and by our actions. In the online world, we can be anyone we desire. In the Facebook world we are Pilots. Timothy Leary, defines the term pilot to mean we “make our own navigational decisions and we have to devise and execute in response to our constantly changing environment” (1). Thus meaning, overall we navigate through Facebook. We are in control; we set up the accounts, post pictures, and personal information to the World Wide Web. We choose to start it all and we have started something that is taking over our lives.
    It is a fact that there are over eight hundred million Facebook Users and on average one person has one hundred and thirty friends (2). Looking at those figures alone demonstrates how our information gets around. Everything we post, all our biographical information is in the hands of at least one hundred and thirty people each day. So, it is safe to say that we are in control of our Facebook life to an extent. We may control what we post on Facebook or on any online database but once it is on the internet, it is for everyone to see and we can’t control what others do with it. Although Facebook has been “named one of the ten most trusted companies in privacy” (3), there are over eight hundred million people using this one database and they all can gain access to your identity.
    Let’s not forget that not only do we determine what others see but our Facebook Friends can too. Yes, that picture can be posted by a friend of that so called “Mocktail” party and it can create a domino effect we did not expect when entering the realm of Facebook. Today, Employer’s, College Administration, Policemen, etc., use Facebook, twitter, Google+, etc., as the online database to discover information about individuals. We are constantly searched and what we post can effect more than just the average day. A study shows that “thirty-five percent of employers reported they have found content on social networking sites that caused them not to hire the candidate”, “53% of employers won’t hire you” if you have provocative photos posted, “for booze and drugs 44% dismissed candidates”, and “35% of companies did not hire a candidate” because of a post bashing former employers (4). Facebook really enables us to share, doesn’t it? It was also reported the only “18% of employers found information that caused them to hire the candidate” that they were “Facebook Stalking” (4).
    Maybe one day we will be taken over, it has most likely already started. A program that once was a low key device for young adults to chat with friends, has spiraled into a database that creates us to have more friends online than we do in real life. Soon we will all be Governors, but today we are in the driver’s seat, we are Pilots. We determine how we represent ourselves not just in person but online. We have to be cautious now more than ever because once we click “post” or “upload photo” our fate is determined by the 800,000,000 Facebook users and the 2,095,006,005 people on the internet (5). But still, we click.
    1. Leary, Timothy, 2005 [1994] “The Cyberpunk:The Individual as Reality Pilot,” pp.77-87 in Victor J. Vitanza, ed., CyberReader: Abridged Edition (New York: Longman)
    2. http://www.facebook.com/press/info.php?statistics
    3. Ostrow, Adam “Privacy: Facebook is one of America’s Most Trusted Companies” September 16, 2009 http://mashable.com/2009/09/16facebook-privacy-truste/ (retrieved September 17 2009)
    4. Van Grove, Jennifer “45% of Employers Now Screen Social Media Profiles” August 19, 2009 http://mashable.com/2009/08/19/social-media-screening/ (retrieved September 17, 2009)
    5. “World Internet Usage Statistics News and World PopulationStats.” Internet World Stats – Usage and Population Statistics. Web. 27 Sept. 2011. .

    • This is a very thorough reply. I’m impressed. Further, it is the last reply that was submitted by the assignment deadline.

  28. The vast majority of us are on Facebook multiple times a day. With the revolution of smartphones, Facebook is now at our fingertips at all hours of the day, which both helps and hurts us. For one thing, we are up to date with everything that is going on in the lives with those we wish to be connected with. You can check your “newsfeed” at any given time and be instantly brought up to speed on the lives of people you may have at one point been close with, but are now disconnected for one reason or another. However, we are reaching a point where too much is being put out there, and it is coming back to haunt us. Pictures from that night you had a little too much to drink surface, and you feel embarrassed. You get that phone call from your mom “What is that you are holding in your hand?” and then you realize that too much of your life is on Facebook. While it is in fact a great tool in our lives, it can hinder us just as quickly as it can help us. For example, you apply for the internship you have been dreaming of your entire life, you interview well and they tell you that they are impressed. However, you later get a phone call telling you that you have been denied for the internship. You are devastated because you felt so sure that you had it, and they tell you that a picture of you on your Facebook that did not reflect the values your company stands for. Confused, you check your site to find that your friend had uploaded that picture of you passed out, drawn on, and covered in beer cans. Because of Facebook, you are without a dream internship.
    Personally, my facebook page is a pretty accurate description of myself. I feel as though I can be who I really am over Facebook because I do not have anything to hide. I try extremely hard to make sure that I do not take any pictures that I feel would put myself into a comprimising situation. I also have my profile set to private so that anyone who I would not want to see my profile, can’t see my profile. Also, I am pretty much the same person F2F that I am over Facebook. I am friends with a limited number of people, and act and talk the same way. You will get the same experience with me whether it is over Facebook or F2F.

  29. Facebook has been a major part of the social networking world since it was created. Through Facebook, you can stay in contact with people who you are no longer close by, while also keeping track of what they are up to by looking at their profile. Many adults are now using Facebook as a tool to reconnect with long-lost friends, or even stay in touch with family members who have moved far away. Facebook has come further by adding different capabilities, such as events, where you can invite friends through Facebook, and photos, where you can browse through different Facebook “friend’s” photo albums which they have posted online.

    I believe that most teenagers use Facebook in the communication sense. I know people my age who are constantly on Facebook, and this has become possible due to the advancement in smartphones and their applications. There are ways to chat with friends, and “creep” on them, which really means looking at their profile to see what they are doing. I do not compare myself directly to my peers. I think of myself more as a reality pilot, I enjoy Facebook and the power it gives me to communicate, but I do not think it is interesting enough to check very often. Because I am only friends with people I actually know, people who are actually my friends, and family, I truly do act how I act face to face. I know that people will be seeing what I do when I post certain things on Facebook, so if it is something I do not wish people to know, I do not post.

    One big problem with Facebook is that not all people think of their future when posting on Facebook. A lot of under age drinking is displayed on Facebook, especially at the High School I attended. As a result, students were kicked off of their sports teams. This is closely related to employers looking through employee’s Facebook profiles. I believe if people do not want something to be found by an employer, coach, or grandmother, it should not be put on Facebook.

  30. Adam Soltis

    Facebook provides people with the opportunity to essentially live another life in a totally different virtual world. This world is known as the Internet. I use Facebook simply for keeping in touch with friends and laughing at funny stuff that gets posted on it. I am merely a cog in the machine. Because the majority of my Facebook friends are from school, I like to compare Facebook to walking the halls in school. The Newsfeed represents the hallway itself. All over the Newsfeed, there are people expressing their love for each other, there are people harassing other people, there are people that are loud and obnoxious, and people that follow the loud and obnoxious people, just like in the halls of school. If I were in school I would probably be one of the loud and obnoxious people in the hallway, however on Facebook I am not. On the Newsfeed the obnoxious people are constantly updating statuses that the majority of Facebook users just roll their eyes at. I on the other hand have only posted two statuses in my entire life. Therefore I believe in that sense you can be who you want to be on Facebook. Even though at the end of the day, no matter who you think you are on Facebook, everyone remembers that it is not real life, it is only on the computer. With Facebook getting more and more popular and technology being much more utilized in everyday life, I believe the anonymity of a persons profile is decreasing. All that it takes is one search in the search bar and you can find ultimately anyone you are looking for. Regardless of the security settings, I feel that there is always a way around them. For example if someone tags you in a picture, your pictures may be blocked through your profile, but the person who tagged you might not be blocked, therefore someone you are trying to keep those pictures from, could possibly come across them. Once a picture is posted on the Internet it is there for good. Which could be a problem for some people. Currently Facebook is all fun and games for most people, I would not be surprised if in the near future, Facebook came back to bite people that do not use Facebook appropriately. Especially when it comes to looking for a new job, the employer’s intention is to find the best employee for the position, and what is better than Facebook to find out how the potential employee’s expresses themselves. In the end, Facebook provides the everyone with the opportunity to be who they want to be, it is in the hands of the user to decide. And who knows their decision on who they are on Facebook could be life changing in the future if they chose foolishly.

  31. In my opinion, Facebook has changed the way people act with one another. Facebook is probably one of the largest growing social networking sites to grow in such a short period of time. Most people use Facebook to keep in touch with people they haven’t seen or talked to over a long period of time. For me, Facebook is a way to express myself and keep in touch with all my friends while we are away at college. I would put myself somewhere in the space between a cyberpunk and reality pilot. I don’t think I could live with out Facebook, as pathetic as it sounds.. but, I could go for a long period of time without checking it. I am someone who likes to update their status a lot, just because I get bored.. but, I have recently found myself tweeting more then updating my status on Facebook. However, I am not someone who gets involved in major Facebook drama or girl “cat fights” with each other.. although, it can be amusing to read. In real life I am exactly who I say I am on Facebook. I wouldn’t want to be known as someone who is fake. People who pretend to be other people on Facebook either 1.) are not happy with themselves, so they are pretending to be someone else or 2.) have a hidden agenda. By hidden agenda I mean, they could be a 60 year old man trying to hook up with a 24 year old girl. That’s where the privacy issue comes into play. Personally, I don’t accept people that I do not know or who I haven’t heard of. I definitely think it’s important to keep your profile on private.. but, how do you ever know if it is really private or not? You don’t. I keep my profile private from almost all of my family, not because I have inappropriate things on my page.. just because I like the privacy with my friends without my family commenting on every detail they can find. The privacy settings on the old Facebook I think are better. Now -a-days I don’t really know if everything i set to “private” is really private. It’s a big issue. No one is ever going to really know if their personal information is private because the internet is such an easy access source to find out information, especially for people who know how to hack into “private profiles”. If you’re looking to get a job, or secure a business related relationship with someone your Facebook friends with, you just have to watch what you do, or what you say.. you can’t be sure your every action or word typed out on a wall post or comment is not being watched by someone that hacks into your profile page.

  32. Facebook for me is not something that controls my everyday life. Although I have access to it on my cell phone and laptop I don’t find myself constantly checking for notifications or updating my status. I mainly use Facebook to keep in touch with family and friends. Many people let Facebook dictate their lives, however I think that it is better if we use it as something fun and useful opposed to something that we depend on.

    In terms of anonymity on Facebook, I think that Facebook is designed for people to represent who they really are. Myspace was designed more so that you could be anonymous if you wanted to or you could show your real name. On Myspace it was easier to pretend to be someone you are not. However; Facebook tells a lot more about your life, such as your workplace, education, hometown, pictures, etc. which makes it harder to hide behind a fake persona.

    I think that online anonymity is definitely decreasing because Facebook is constantly adding more and more features that reveal more about a person’s life. I believe that the decrease of online anonymity is a good thing because if someone really wants to hide who they are online, by using a fake name or persona, they are most likely up to no good. Revealing your real name and information forces people to be more careful about what they show to the world especially in pictures. I think that the new privacy settings on Facebook were made in an effort to help protect people from Facebook users that may be on Facebook for bad purposes. I also think that Google+ is adding to the decrease of online anonymity because of their enforcement of the real name rule. This helps people connect with their friends and know that they are talking to real people.

  33. Facebook is definitely the most powerful of the social-networking sites out there today. You can post pictures, statuses, comment, keep in touch with and make friends. It is a great way to keep in touch with friends and family who may be too far away, and with Facebook, they can see what you’ve been doing; But sometimes, you don’t always want everyone to know what you’re doing. Luckily, they’ve increased the privacy settings recently so you can decide who can specifically see what and how much. In my case, I don’t really feel the need to block everyone from what I’m doing, except people who I’m not friends with. Future business opportunities are also a touchy thing to be aware of, because there is a lot out there that you may not know. Just because you untag pictures and keep everything private, there’s still ways to see many things on your profile.
    So in my circumstances, I always make sure there isn’t anything I would need to keep hidden, that way, I know I won’t get in trouble for anything.
    On Facebook, I don’t feel the need to be someone I’m not, because I don’t act that way face to face, so mostly all of the friends know who I really am anyway. So in a way I guess I’m a pilot because I decide what I do and don’t do, but I also don’t try to stick out. I like to say I tend to blend into the background and mind my own business, therefore I suppose I’m a cog in the system. I’ll admit to being slightly addicted to checking what everyone else is doing, yet I don’t usually contribute as much as my peers. All in all, I am a sucker for Facebook, but I do my own thing, keep to myself, and I’m always myself online, and I pilot my own online identity.

  34. Facebook is the world’s most popular Social Networking site; originally created for college students only, to get to know their peers on campus. Now everyone from the ages 13 and up can find and connect with friends. I think when Facebook first started, you could have created a profile to be who ever you wanted, but as the site got more popular, you have to make your profile honest. I find myself to be a reality pilot, where I try to be real and honest as I can. When I use my Facebook, I act the way I would in real life; I don’t say things to people that I would not say to their face, I don’t edit my pictures to perfection so I can look like a completely different person, and I only try to be friends with people I know. When it comes to social networking, you have to be really careful on what you put out there. Once you post something, upload a picture, or comments on someones post, it’s up there forever, even if you delete it. The privacy settings on Facebook are tricky as well, you can make your profile completely private, but there are still ways for people to find you. The interesting part I find with Facebook, is the recognition it has with you. Mark Zuckerberg found a way to make our profiles still be online when we are on other websites; so that say if I wanted to comment on my favorite blog, or “like” a Youtube video, my Facebook picture and name will immediately pop up without me having to sign in. That’s why I think it’s important to be honest on your profile page because in the end, anyone can look at it and they can determine for themselves what kind of person you are just by looking at Facebook.

  35. Alicia A. Luong
    “Pilot or Governor”

    I’m one of those people who don’t post every little tiny detail of my life online nor do I have the entire world as my friend. Sure I have a facebook and a twitter, but I mainly use them for connections. Others besides myself past post every little tiny detail about their life, like the world needs to know. The truth is the moment you post something like an elusive photograph, despite your privacy settings, the world knows. Sure you can delete it, but by that time it would’ve already spread to thousand of other online sources. And now our future employers and bosses are using these online sources as a way to find out ‘who’ we are, and well that supposedly ‘deleted’ elusive photograph may just cost you a job.
    Well don’t let that scare you, you can be yourself on these social networking sites, you just need to be careful what you post. But the reality is not everyone is themselves on the internet, hell some of the people you have as friends and followers might just be completely made up characters. The four hundred or more friends you may have may just all be acts, especially the ones who you don’t know in person. This doesn’t annoy me as much as it would other people because I have played quite a few different types of MMORPG’s where everyone is pretending to be someone else. Still I sometimes would like to know who is following me which is why any random person who doesn’t seem to have any reason to follow me I will block. I am that “cog in the machine” who doesn’t want the world to know every detail of my being and if I feel like I don’t want you know what little about myself I post I’ll let it be known.
    I’m not the type to post something about a person without saying it to their face first. If I don’t say it to you, you won’t find it on my page. The same cannot be said about other people. Social networking has become such a large part of society people are using it as an alternative to talking person to person. I feel that because of that people are finding it appropriate to post complaints about other people. But seriously talking person to person is so much better than talking to a person online, especially if you have complaints about them. Either way just remember that nothing you post online is private, and one way or another anyone can see it.

  36. Facebook allows you to be whoever you want to be. There are no rules that Facebook have against creating a false identity, and even if there was there is no proof of guilt. They can’t look up every single user to make sure they are real. So it is important to make sure you aren’t giving up too much information on Facebook or other social media sites because people may use them for the wrong reasons.
    On Facebook I see myself as a Cyber Punk. I can’t stand people who use Facebook or Twitter to pour out their emotions. That is not why these sites were created; people use these sites to gain sympathy from their 200 “Friends”. That is why I use satire and post statuses about how angry and upset I am with the world when I am truly not, to poke fun at people who do this. No matter who you are on Facebook you have at least one friend who does this on a regular basis.
    Companies are now starting to look up people on social media sites to check their personal information and get a better view of who they are outside of the workplace. I believe this is a strategic and smart idea. If a person decides to leave something public on these sites, they should not be hired or should be reprimanded if they are already working there. If someone posts inappropriate material and its’ in public view, then that can hurt the image of the company or school involved. This rule also applies to the government using these sites, if anyone posts inappropriate information, than they should be held responsible for doing so in public.

  37. Jillian English

    I have many mixed feelings about Facebook. In a way it is good because people who want to reconnect or stay in touch with friends can do so, but most people abuse the right to see what others are doing. But even though you can see a lot about a person through their profile, are they actually portraying their true selves? Many people are truthful about who they are, but some people see a new Facebook account as a new life.

    Facebook has fulfilled the place of entertainment for people when they are bored but has also made people become Internet zombies. If people were doing something productive instead of staying logged on to Facebook for hours they would only be friends with people they actually talked too, not update their status to tell people about every event during their day or change their profile picture every other hour.

    As for me on Facebook, I don’t have any fake information on my profile but I have every aspect of my information set to private. There are many people that I do not want to see all of my information I post. It’s not that I post ridiculous things but parents, employers and academic faculty would be allowed to see things they would not classify as appropriate if I did not personally adjust my settings. I have tried deleting my account but I always end up getting it back. I believe that Facebook has changed online networking forever and has definitely changed the way society portrays themselves online.

  38. In my opinion you can be just about anyone you want to be online, at least to the people who don’t know you off-line. Personally I belong two of the hundreds of social networking sites. Whether it’s Facebook or Twitter I don’t pop out too much, I’d like to think I blend in with the thousands of other users. I’m not too concerned with what I put up online. I post pictures, write on friends wall’s, occasionally poke someone and keep in touch with all my close friends and family members.

    There are so many people that examine their Facebook’s, and others, for hours each day. They have to make sure that each zit is zapped off online and that people can tell simply from looking at their profile pictures that they are a party animal. Other go in the other direction incase a future employer is online looking at comments and pictures from years past.

    Of course not everyone is like this, most people fall somewhere in the middle. I don’t want my grandparents thinking I’m wasting their money going out and partying every night but I also don’t want my friends from high school thinking I don’t have any friends. There is a happy medium in there that is easily achievable. I’d like to think that I am a social networked along side many of my classmates, but even when I am logged into Facebook I’m usually on another page like my email or writing a paper or even talking to a friend on yet another communication device threw the computer. The US has the highest percentage of Facebook users and most of us are just part of the mix in our small circles.

    • Social networks create opportunities, but they also create obligations. In short, they constrain us.

  39. When Facebook was started years ago, its “creators” did not intend for it to be used the way it is today. People on Facebook are not the people they are in real life. Facebook today is used to be impersonal with people that you otherwise would have no contact with. I can honestly say that I only talk to a large number of so called “friends” through Facebook as opposed to real life. The term “friend” on Facebook is used very loosely. I use it as a way to keep in contact with people when it would be far easier to call them or send them a text. People on social networking sites such as Facebook portray themselves to have a different image than they do in real life.

    Facebook has the potential to be a very negative thing also, which is the complete opposite than what it was intended for. Many schools in this country have even started a “no tolerance policy” for bullying because of networking sites such as this one. Creator Mark Zuckerburg started it in college as a way to keep in contact with your peers and to keep people connected. The issues Facebook has caused have gone as far as students committing suicide because of bullying. The internet has become a safety net for people who want to bully. It is far easier to insult someone through a comment or wall post than it is in real life and people take advantage of that.

    Personally, I love Facebook. I go on far more than I probably should and am not close friends with even a quarter of the friends I have on Facebook. I however do not pretend to be somebody I’m not. I don’t believe that I am a cyber punk on Facebook, nor a pilot.

  40. On Facebook I consider myself to be a mix between a reality pilot and a governor. I use Facebook everyday but I do not feel as if I am “addicted” to it like some people in the world are. I could go weeks without looking at my Facebook, but somehow I still seem to be checking it multiple times a day. On Facebook anybody can be whatever they choose to be. You could represent yourself like a normal person does or you could go the complete opposite and represent yourself as someone you have always dreamed to be. The fact that employers are now searing for applicants on Facebook disturbs me. They should just wait to meet the applicant in person if they want to get a sense of what their applicant is really like. Facebook is a separate part of people’s lives that should not be involved with whether you receive a job or not. Also although they should, people do not represent themselves too well on Facebook. I am not sure how this came to be but somewhere along the line it came the norm or the cool thing to post pictures of that huge party that you went to last night while alcohol is visible in the picture. If an employer sees this and knows that you are underage you can pretty much say goodbye to that job opportunity.

    • I think you meant to say “searching” instead of “searing.”

      I do have one question. How can you be yourself on Facebook if you have to worry about what employers think?

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